Just Married


Congratulations to Jessica & Elaina!

These Beautiful Handcrafted One of a Kind Bracelets were Special made just for you!

Your Friend Tori Murphy called our office the night before your Wedding and requested this Unique, One of a Kind Design to be made just for you!


There is a lot to this Design and I would love to tell you a little bit about it.

1st: Your colors: Purple and Blue (Your Favorite Colors)

But did you know that purple is know to uplift spirits, calm the mind and nerves, enhance the sacred, create feelings of spirituality,create feelings of  increasing nurturing tendencies and sensitivity, or encourage imagination and creativity.

Then you add in the blue and you have the positive affects on the mind and the body. This is the color of the spirit, it invokes rest and can cause the body to produce chemicals that are calming and exude feelings of tranquility. It can also helps to slow down your metabolism and helps with balance and self-expression.

Cotton (Middle Layer of Bracelet) 2nd year of Marriage

Leather (Back of Bracelet) 3rd year of Marriage

Silver Chain and Clasp: 25years of Marriage

White Beads (Represent Pearls) 30 Years of Marriage

Gold Beads: 50 Years of Marriage

2nd: The Box was also Custom made:

Paper: 1st year of Marriage

Wood: 5 years of Marriage

Glass: (Rose) 15 years of Marriage


3rd: It looks like your Friend is Saying she believes the Two of You will have a Long and Happy Life Together!!

These are some of the pictures that Tori sent to our company!

Again, Congratulations to both of you!!

You Both Made Beautiful Brides!!

2 Hip Chicks: Tulsa


Christmas is ALMOST Here!! I have lots of beautiful items!

If there is something on the Video that catches your eye, Please let me know! 


I will be in Duncan Oklahoma on December 15,2018! This will be my Last Craft Show for the Year!

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