Clay Pipes

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Small Clay Pipes
Regular Size Clay Pipes

Designs Varies When Custom Made!

Please tell me the Colors you would like your Custom Pipe to be:

You can Choose Up to 3 colors! Plus a Base Color which is either Black or White!

All Custom Pipes at this Time are the Spoon Design!

(Unique Designs can be found at the Events that I will be Attending, so be sure to check out the Dates & Times on the Front Page!)

I also make “Double Hitters”…. these are just like the pinch hitters but Better! You actually get a couple of hits instead of just one! I can also make these in Custom Colors too!

Important Information: If you are in need of getting your Medical Weed Card or Renewing your Card … you can visit Sweet Leaf Accessories for time & dates of patient events or to make an appointment!

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Plus If you are Looking for someone to do some Murals for you that are Unique check out Aprils Color of Wonder!

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