Perler Bead Creations For Kids!!

Perler Bead Creations For Kids!!


Perler Art

How are mine Unique?

I find designs that kids love!   I make my creations with high quailty pereler beads!
I only use high quality materials!
Coat Item with Resin!! 
Coating the Perler Bead Creations gives them strenght to with stand heat, cold, being thrown down, stepped on, or just anything that a child might do to break them!
 The Resin coating makes them Stronger! 
(FYI: Colors my Vary Depending on the manufaturer of the Perler Bead)

Click Here to Purchase the New Perler HeadBands!

Choose from Unicorn, Pacman Ghost, Pac Man, Pokémon, Pokémon Heart, 3 Pokémon, Cat Ears, Wolf Ears, Yoda, Bows, Game Controller!


Minecraft sign without Swords $20.00 with Swords $25.00

aaf0359e9584a170b4baafb45bbdc57aminecraft keychains

Minecraft Characters are made either as Keychains or Necklaces!

Necklaces are made with Black High Quality 550 Paracord & Pop Barrel Connectors that are Safety Breakaway  Clasps!

Minecraft Key Chains $5.00 buy-now-button

Minecraft Necklaces $10.00 buy-now-button



disney prinesses

Princess Keychains

(Keychains are not made with Ribbon as Show as in the Picture above.. They are made like the Minecraft Keychains Above)





Superhero Keychains




kid earrings

Animal Earrings 






plane project

Build Your Own Plane!




Please Remember it takes a couples of hours for each item to be made.
Therefore my Shipping Policy is 7-10 day after your check clears, not after you order the item.
Thank you for your Order and your Patients & as Always Thank you for Shopping with Carolyn’s Crafts!


You Can also get these Unique items and more by coming to see me at Craft Show… Click Here to see my upcoming Events!


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