Hello 2019

Hello 2019

Hello 2019, 

So Far this year has been AWEASOME!

I know it is only day 7, but things are Good! The weather was nice over the weekend, I did a Gun Show over the weekend and did Okay there.

(Made enough to cover my upcoming PET Scan and the next Gun Show). 

I just want to remind everyone why I started this Craft Business. I am battling Cancer and it gives me something to do to help pay for all my Co-pays, Medications, Scans, etc…. 

Plus, last year when I would go to my scans I would make a few Chemo Bags and go visit with the patients in the chemo lab. I want to give back as much as I can While I can. 

(These gifts brighten their day…. All it takes is a few donations from anyone that is willing to step up and send donations to help me make more bags… If you would like to help with these bags please use the form below)

Anyways, I want 2019 to be BRIGHT and FULL of  JOY!!

I believe January is off to a great start: I have a few Gun Show (minus the Pet Scan & Doctor Appointments on Jan 10th and Jan 17th ), My Wonderful Husband is Taking me a Vacation!

But again if there is anyone out there that would like to send donations for the Chemo Bags: (Puzzle Books, Scarfs, Tumblers, etc.)

Also to make these Bags this year if you want to Sponsor A Booth Space for me at one of the Show I will attend  please contact me thru the form below. 

Other things to Donate Besides money are: Beads, and Paracord. 🙂

Again to see Where to send the Donations Please Contact on the form below:


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