Vintage Ceramics

Vintage Ceramics

Vintage Ceramics

All my prices are Cheaper than a Ceramic Shop, Vintage Sites, Amazon, EBay, Etc..

I am not responsible of damage during the shipping of these items!

History Of Our Vintage Ceramics:

Our Vintage Ceramics have traveled with our family from All over the World. My Father (Sgt. E7 Jackie E. Laughter) enjoyed making them when he was not in the “Field” helping to give us our Freedom. 
I believe he would have wanted to share his Joy with the world.

Click Here to Purchase The Vintage Ceramics that have been selected to Give Joy back to the World that he Loved!

To Read his Obit: Click Here!

Vintage Child Teapot Sets

Sad Clown Toothpick Holders



Fun Items

Indian Heads

Large Indian Head…. 1 in Stock

Small Indian Head…In Stock……4 unfinished and 1 finished

Support Breast Cancer! 

Breast Toothpick Holder

Only 2 Left in Stock!! Get Yours While Supplies Last! $10.00

All Purchases from my website are considered a Donation since I have Cancer and the Proceeds will go toward my Treatments, Doctor Appointments and Medications.
To see more about my story please visit  
Thank you for your Purchase!
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