Ammunition Tanks!!

Ammunition Tanks!!
A tank is an armoured fighting vehicle designed for front-line combat, with heavy firepower, strong armour, tracks and a powerful engine providing good battlefield maneuverability.
The three traditional factors determining a tank’s capability effectiveness are its firepower, protection, and mobility. Firepower is the ability of a tank’s crew to identify, engage, and destroy enemy tanks and other targets using its large-calibre cannon. Protection is the degree to which the tank’s armour, profile and camouflage enables the tank crew to evade detection, protect themselves from enemy fire, and retain vehicle functionality during and after combat. Mobility includes how well the tank can be transported by rail, sea, or air to the operational staging area; from the staging area by road or over terrain towards the enemy; and tactical movement by the tank over the battlefield during combat, including traversing of obstacles and rough terrain.
But What I most Remember and Love These for the most is Our Freedom. Next was their Noise, they were so loud that you could hear them 3 miles away! But that meant my Dad would be home soon! This is Why I enjoy making These Tanks and Giving Back to Our Troops!

Each Tank Purchased goes to support our Troops.

Please Show your Support by Purchasing a Tank!

Thank You!



Ammunition Tanks


Click Here to Purchase the .22 LR Tank $10.00



Click Here to Purchase the 9mm Tank $20.00



Click Here to Buy the “MEGA Tank” Built from 9mm, .30cal, and a few other Casings! $40.00



The Ammo tanks are custom made and will take 1 week to make and prep before they can be mailed.

(I am not responsible for damage during the shipping of these items)



Stand Up and Help our Troops


Purchasing a Tank!

(I send a % to help Support Our Troops and the Wounded Warrior Project)




Click Here to support the Wounded Warrior Project!


All Purchases from my website are considered a Donation since I have Cancer and the Proceeds will go toward my Treatments, Doctor Appointments and Medications.
To see more about my story please visit
Thank you for your Purchase!


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