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thTG5K4J9ZYou are Invited

to an

On-Line Paracord Jewelry Party!

Shop 24/7 for the next 3 Days!

When: (Example 4/17/18 – 4/20/18)


Order Your Item(s) from my website: carolynscrafts.wordpress.com

Payments: On Comment Line in Paypal: On-Line Paracord Party with Hostess Name (This way the Hostess will get The Credit)


Love a shopper’s-high?

That feeling you get when you score a great deal?

Then you’ll love the rewards you’ll get when you host a party.

You’ll receive a hostess credit for 10% of your party’s total sales toward any product on your wish list!


To sign up to be a Hostess please visit my On-Line Party Page!



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