Host an On-Line Party

Host an On-Line Paracord Jewelry Party

Become a Hostess and Earn Free Jewelry

as your friends shop in their homes, park, offices, etc.

(There is no need to clean your home, buy snacks, etc… I even make the invite for you, so all you would have to do is copy and paste the invites in your e-mails, Facebook , Twitter, or however you would like to send out the invite. Once you have done this I will need a count of how many invites are sent out.)


This is how the On-Line Party Works:

1. Contact me thru my “Contact Me Page” Below.

 Choose how long the party will be: 3 days, 7 days, 10 days.


2. Invite Your Friends

The more the merrier!

Spread the word and invite everyone to come and feed their jewelry habit!



3. Earn Free Jewelry

As a Hostess, you receive 10% of your party sales in free jewelry!

Party sales must total $50 or more in order to generate Hostess Rewards.

Every time you host an online party you receive 10%* of party sales in FREE jewelry!


For every 10 pieces sold receive 1 piece FREE. See table for more details.

Party Sales Pieces Sold Rewards Earned

10 Pieces sold


1 Free $5.00 

$5.00 Credit*

20 Pieces sold


2 Free $5.00 Items

$10.00 Credit*

60 Pieces sold


5 Free $5.00 Items

$30.00 Credit*

The more parties you host, the more chances you have to increase party sales.

The more party sales, the more FREE pieces you earn!

(Use the credit to buy products on

Credit must be used within 7days of ending the on-line party

or the credits will be voided.


Contact Me: